Revolutionizing the creation of quality rules with Generative AI and OMMA

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    Juan Ramón González

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    14 June, 2024

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    • Generative AI
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    • OMMA

What if we told you that creating and deploying quality rules simply, without errors and using natural language is already a reality?

At Grupo Mática, we have transformed data quality management by integrating LLMs into our OMMA solution. This innovation allows users to create, test and deploy data quality policies using natural language, which simplifies the process and reduces errors, making it accessible to non-technical users.

In the process we have obtained significant results such as:

  1. Simplification and Accessibility: formulating quality rules in natural language allows non-technical users to define clear and enforceable guidelines, speeding up implementation time.
  2. Efficiency and Accuracy: The integration of LLMs improves accuracy and consistency in data management, reducing the possibility of errors and optimizing output quality.
  3. Process Transformation: The ability to create multiple rules from a single statement and the conversion of SQL statements into usable rules represents a significant advance in system efficiency.

At the architecture level in OMMA and LLMs we have made significant advances, such as:

Arquitectura de Agentes:Desarrollamos una estructura de agentes que coordinan las acciones necesarias para la creación de reglas, utilizando modelos GPT-4O y GPT-3.5 turbo según las necesidades específicas de cada tarea.

Modular and Scalable Structure: Our modular architecture facilitates system extension and maintenance. Each tool handles a specific task, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the output.

Predictable and Reliable Execution Flow: The scheduler coordinates all actions, following a clear and reliable execution flow, ensuring the integrity of the generated rules.

Complete End-to-End Integration: From rule generation to front-end review, our solution provides a robust and seamless user experience.

Our OMMA solution not only facilitates the creation of quality policies without the need for technical expertise, but also positions itself as an advanced and cutting-edge tool in data quality management. And with its evolution, from Grupo Mática, we reinforce our constant commitment to innovation. This is the reason that drives us to continue exploring new integrations and improvements, such as the intelligent rule recommender and the use of LangGraph, in order to continue optimizing our architecture.

Through this integration with our GenAI Framework, we are ready to deploy robust, scalable and adaptable solutions on various LLM platforms. This initial development lays the foundation for continued evolution, making data quality management increasingly accessible, efficient and powerful.

Generative AI for the creation of quality rules.

Discover how OMMA and innovation in data quality management are key to leading the AI revolution.

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