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    16 February, 2024

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The Data Management Summit Tour is a traveling event designed specifically for professionals passionate about data management and excellence in decision-making. Join us for this unique experience as we explore the latest trends, innovative strategies, and best practices in the world of data management.

Mática Partners announces its support for the Data Management Summit Tour de Barcelona. “’At Mática Partners, we are pleased to support events like DMS that bring together industry experts to share knowledge and collaborate in advancing data management. This sponsorship reflects Mática’s commitment to excellence and technological development,’ says Marc Serra, CEO and co-founder of Mática.

What is the Data Management Summit Tour?

The Data Management Summit Tour is a series of traveling events designed to bring the best of data management directly to your city. As data becomes an essential asset for organizations across all sectors, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest tools, approaches, and technologies driving effective data management. Our tour is designed to provide you with access to industry-leading experts, cutting-edge informative sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. If you can’t attend the annual Data Management Summit event, the DMS Tour is a way to bring you a scaled-down event in time but not in quality, as it uses the same formula as the national event.

The Tour as an enhancer of the Data Management Summit event

Mática Partners is synonymous with innovation in the world of data,” declared Michele Iurillo, Founder of DMS. “It’s a great pleasure to have the support of a company that presents itself with a payoff ‘From Data to Decision.

“We’re thrilled to participate in this tour focused on the data sector,” stated Juan Ramón González, CTO and co-founder of Mática Partners. “The DMS represents a great opportunity to connect with more professionals in the field, to showcase our group along with our other two brands, Daus Data (hyper-specialized in AWS Data technology) and OMMA (data quality tool); and to carry out our purpose of improving decision-making in organizations, helping them solve complex and impactful problems through the responsible use of data and AI”.

The Data Management Summit Tour is not an alternative to the national event in Bilbao, but a way to unite and embrace all data management enthusiasts, regardless of their location or personal circumstances. Both events work in harmony to enrich perspectives, knowledge, and networking opportunities. The goal is not to detract from the national event but to offer an inclusive and flexible solution for those who cannot physically join in Bilbao. The Data Management Summit Tour is conceived as an extension of the learning and networking opportunities provided by the main event. We aim to provide a rich and valuable experience to a wider audience, bringing knowledge and best practices directly to their location.

Reaching diverse audiences: We aim to reach professionals from different locations who share the same passion for data management but may not be able to attend the national event.

Expanding impact: By bringing informative sessions, workshops, and discussions to different cities, we hope to expand the impact of knowledge and collaboration across the country.

Fostering community: Through the Tour, we aim to cultivate a broader and more diverse community of data management professionals, which can in turn enrich interactions and learning at the national event.

We hope this approach reflects our commitment to the community and our shared passion for excellence in data management.


Highlights of the event

Keynote Business Conferences: Listen to renowned experts from leading companies in data management who will share their success stories and discuss emerging trends, challenges, and effective solutions to optimize data management in your organization.

Roundtable Discussions: Participate in debate sessions addressing hot topics in the world of data management. Bring your questions and challenges for an enriching and insightful discussion. Each date of the tour will feature a different roundtable addressing various data management topics such as Governance, Metadata, Master Data, Security, Data Quality…

Group Dynamics: Immerse yourself in dynamic sessions where you can engage with speakers and fellow attendees on the most important aspects of data management.

High-Quality Networking: Connect with other professionals, exchange ideas, and establish valuable relationships in our networking space designed to foster collaboration and peer learning.

Reasons to Attend: As a DAMA professional, you can meet other Data professionals from your area, and with the VIP pass, you have guaranteed access.

Professional Update: Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in data management to drive informed and strategic decision-making.

Expert Interaction: Learn from industry experts who share their knowledge and experience, giving you practical insights and tips.

Expand Networks: Establish valuable connections with like-minded colleagues and professionals, which could lead to future collaboration opportunities.

Exploration of Solutions: Discover innovative technologies and solutions that can transform the way your organization approaches data management.

  • February 22 – Barcelona (Adevinta – sold out)

  • March 14 – Gijón (AS5-HUB)

  • May 9 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canaria Trade Fair Center)

  • October 16 – Valencia (UPV)

The dates for the national event in Bilbao are:

  • June 19 – Bilbao (Event Reserved for Public Administrations)

  • June 20 – Bilbao

  • June 21 – Bilbao

Unlike the national event in Bilbao, the event is not streamed online and is only available in-person attendance.

About Mática Partners

At Mática, we lead the technological revolution rapidly unfolding globally. Founded six years ago, we are a technology company with a clear purpose: to help businesses solve complex and impactful problems through responsible use of data, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Through our innovative approach and expertise in advanced technology, we design tailored solutions enabling companies to enhance their performance and stay ahead of the competition. From process automation to the implementation of artificial intelligence systems, we assist all organizations in increasing productivity, efficiency, and sustainability while reducing errors.

The Mática Partners group is focused on innovation and serial entrepreneurship. Examples include the creation of our own data quality tool (OMMA) boasting the finest experts in AWS data. Additionally, our Mática Venture Builder and our R&D&I Projects demonstrate our commitment to innovation and progress.



In Mática we want and we can help you to improve your decision making process, thanks to the transformation and the interpretation of your business data using Big Data technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

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